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Content that drives trials, demos, and customers. Not just traffic.

Customer Fitted is a copywriting agency specialized in bottom-of-the-funnel content for SaaS & B2B businesses.

We help you capture best-fit customers with customer success stories, comparison pages & guides, landing pages, and lead magnets that rank high and resonate deeply with your target customers.

Recent wins:

  • Lead magnet with opt-in rate 4x higher than industry average
  • Landing pages bringing 3x more paid customers than other pages
  • A dozen of comparison pages ranking first on Google
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Here's the problem

Traffic that doesn’t convert sucks. It’s even worse when leads are garbage.

You’re trying your best but there’s just so much to cover and you don’t have the resources to do everything. But by not prioritizing BOFU content, you’re making things worse. Here's why.

TOFU content requires a full-funnel strategy

TOFU traffic needs a push in the right direction to convert. That’s why you need BOFU content. The earlier the better.

Not answering every buyer's questions

If leads don’t find the information they’re looking for, they’ll buy from competitors. And they have a LOT of questions that require a lot of BOFU content to answer.

Lack of real detailed proof

Testimonials and logos aren't enough anymore. You need solid case studies to show exactly why your product is the right fit.

Expertise & Capabilities

Prioritize content marketing that will get you best-fit customers.

Reallocate some of your resources to BOFU content. You will quickly drive real business and grow your revenue like never before.

Customer success stories

77% of B2B buyers cited customer success stories as the most influential content they consumed. And it’s just one benefit of these stories.

Comparison pages & buyer’s guides

We love to make this content as it’ll enable you to steal ready-to-buy leads from competitors effortlessly.

Landing pages

Landing pages targeting all the use cases, personas, industries of your target customers to maximize conversions and demo calls.

Lead magnets

We’re making lead magnets that are actually useful and actionable to capture the right leads that aren’t totally ready-to-buy yet.

What impresses me most with Customer Fitted is how their research-led approach to writing BOFU content has such a wide range of use cases and benefits.

It gave me the information I needed to have the confidence to successfully change pricing and positioning strategies.

My SEO consultant also uses the customer interviews conducted for the case studies to inform the SEO strategy.

Not only that, but I even got new insights from these interviews that allowed me to improve the product.

Moritz Dausinger
Moritz Dausinger
CEO @ Refiner

Who we are

Not just another generic agency. We know SaaS and B2B inside out.

We've faced the same challenges you've faced. We have a deep understanding of SaaS businesses because we have experience building them.

Multi-disciplinary for a better ROI

We have expertise in design, product management, and development too. We understand the most complex products and know the best ways to get you more customers.

Strategy & production

Production alone will yield a poor ROI if your strategy isn’t solid enough. We can review your current strategy and optimize it to maximize the returns.

Your success is our success

We don't overbook. We prefer to deliver on time, consistently, and be personally invested in your success.

Interested in working with us? Here's what to do next:

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Before the call, you will receive an intro pack with all the information about our services and results, including pricing.

Looking forward to have a chat with you.
Nicolas Mérouze
Owner of Customer Fitted