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SaaS Conversion OS

Increase conversion with the most actionable course for founders and marketers

Step-by-step workbooks, examples from leading SaaS companies, and best practices all in one comprehensive yet accessible course.
SaaS Conversion OS hasn't been released yet but I'm releasing parts of it for free on my newsletter.

Don’t let your hard earned traffic go to waste.

Getting potential buyers on your website is only part of the battle and already cost $$$.

And when they get there, you buyers are disappointed.

  • They crave information and you only give them breadcrumbs
  • They are not in a stage where they are ready to buy but you don’t provide them with the information they’d need to get ready
  • The messaging is confusing with unsupported claims, dry transitions, and unimportant talking points.

If you’re the founder of an early-stage SaaS, I totally understand! It’s not your specialty and you have no idea where to start. You don’t need a 10h video course, you need a clear workbook you can use straight away.

If you’re a SaaS marketer and you’re looking to improve optimize conversion, perfect your knowledge, or increase your productivity, this is the best course you’ll find.

I don’t have social proof (yet), but here’s why you can trust me

  • Customer Fitted is my conversion-driven copywriting & strategy agency for SaaS businesses.
  • SaaS Conversion OS is based on 10+ positioning & messaging projects and 100+ pages I've written over the last 3 years for bootstrapped and VC-backed SaaS companies like Refiner, Scalingo, Abyssale, and Gain among others.
  • Before that, I co-founded and grew a B2B SaaS business over $1M ARR (before burning out).
  • I also used to work full-time as a software engineer, designer, and product manager. So my conversion expertise isn't just rooted in copywriting but take into account everything else it's related to.

Swipe files, best practices, and checklists structured for quick action

SaaS Conversion OS consists of a series of workbooks. One workbook for each of the pages you see in the outline above.

Each workbook comes with prompts to guide you on crafting a consistent messaging throughout each page.

Workbooks also include best practices, checklists, and swipe files for each section of each page.

How is SaaS Conversion OS different from…

Databases of landing page and conversion tips

❌ Overwhelming list of 100 or 200 tips and you don't know where to start, when it's applicable, and when it's not.

✅ SaaS Conversion OS provides step-by-step workbooks with tips in the context of these steps making them much more actionable.

Inspiration galleries

❌ Focus on having as many screenshots as possible to outcompete others: quantity > quality.

❌ Focus on UX, not on copywriting.

❌ Show only full pages without telling you what's good and bad on each page.

✅ SaaS Conversion OS includes swipe files for each section of each page, and in the context of the workbooks and tips to know what makes each example good.


❌ Good advice, but all the advice is spread over dozens of teardowns making them impractical.

✅ SaaS Conversion OS is basically what you would end up doing after taking notes and making your own workbooks out of these teardowns.

Other courses

❌ Long videos and endless chapters, but very few actionable documents.

✅ SaaS Conversion OS is focused on providing actionable workbooks you can use right away without watching hours of videos or reading whole books.


  • $149
  • Playbooks for 8 pages and 20 sections with 100+ examples & best practices
  • Bonus — Headline swipe file: 12 formulas with 101 headline examples
  • Bonus only during early access — I’ll roast your landing page ($149 value)
  • Guaranteed updates at least every quarter
  • Scheduled updates: more of the same, email sequences (onboarding, nurturing, win-back, etc), the best ChatGPT prompts you'll find to help you write landing pages.

SaaS Conversion OS hasn't been released yet but I'm releasing parts of it for free on my newsletter. It's also the only way to get the free roast bonus.