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10x your SaaS marketing site with this swipe file focused on messaging (WIP)

Curated by Customer Fitted, a BoFu strategy & content agency.

PAS section of the homepage of Abyssale
PAS formula
Put the pain of your buyers front and center to have your message resonate more.
ActiveCampaign / Mailchimp versus page ATF
ATF / Hero
Really good ATF for a comparison page. Differences with the competitor can be understood at a glance.
Above The Fold from the homepage of Appcues
ATF / Hero
A homepage ATF that checks all the boxes: product visual, social proof, clear headline & CTA, etc.
Beehiiv / ConvertKit Migration
Migration section
Section on a comparison page to show how easy it is to migrate. Relief anxiety.
Castos / Buzzsprout Feature Comparison
Feature comparison
Instead of often biased and unreadable comparison tables, Castos uses a simpler approach.
Secondary CTA on the homepage of Loopio.
Secondary CTA
Secondary CTA on a homepage to capture leads not yet ready to buy with a lead magnet focused on results.
Moengage combination of logos and stories.
Customer story
Combination of logos and customer success stories.
SiteGPT / Before-After Section
PAS formula
Shows the transformation it brings to the customer: from the pain to a dream situation.